Thursday, June 16, 2011

Indigenous Art Forum

Sixty teachers joined in a lively discussion at Zart Art last night. Maybe no concrete answers but a clear message that as teachers we need to research the topic of Indigenous Art before launching into any practical art activities. Thanks must go to Marg Stephens, Ellen Jose, Jane Byrne, Darryl Smith and Max Darby for initiating discussion and sharing with us their insight into teaching and understanding Indigenous Australian culture through the visual arts. The number of teachers attending this forum, in the middle of report writing was testament to the interest this topic holds. We hope this blog will be a venue for continued discussion and sharing of information and links in the future. If you were at the forum or if you would like to share any great links or resources on this topic please do so. I will update this blog with some of the links and organisations mentioned last night.


  1. Hi, what a great night!

  2. What an interesting night!
    If you ask extra nicely, the Heritage Registrar Aboriginal Affairs (Tel 1800 762 003)can supply some excellent resources and information available. ie Aboriginal language areas in Victoria information, poster series, etc.

  3. Great idea about contacting Heritage Registrar Aboriginal Affairs (Tel 1800 762 003). I'll pass that idea onto a pre-school teacher.

    Regards, Samantha Goldman.

    I guess, I'm approaching teaching Australian and Torres Strait Island Art as being akin to the teaching of religion. Because, the art is the passing down of the lore of one's family and religion.

  4. Thank you Julia and Samantha for your comments. I hope to add more links and a list of resources to this blog in the near future.