Thursday, November 3, 2011

Story Forest at the Fitzroy Library

Fleur McArthur recently sent us these images of a project she coordinated with the Fitzroy Library as part of the Term 3 school holiday program.

Through consultation with staff , she devised a "Story Forest" to be created within the library. As the community is very culturally diverse, the symbol of a tree became universal. When creating the forest, staff, children and adults were encouraged to draw, collage, write or illustrate their favourite story, create a new one or simply explore colour and line.

The result was the creation of 18 uniquely themed one metre high. The "Story Forest" has truly come to life within the library, in a vibrant and colourful Artwork.

The trees are currently on permanent display within the library, and were created using Zart Art products.
Thanks for the images Fleur!