Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Update


The Zart Mali sculpture is finished!! Dee presented Mali to teachers involved in the program during the first week of May using a presentation that showed the design process which was colour coordinated to match the colours of the continents. Participants in the workshop also created a Paper Magiclay sculpture of one of the Zoo's Extinction Fighter Characters! What fantastic results in a very short amount of time. We are looking forward to  participants posting their finish artworks on our Facebook Page! Thanks again to Sean and the Melbourne Zoo for including us in this exciting project!  Mali is on display in the Zoo's Corporate Reception area until Term 4, when she will return to the Zart Customer Service Centre! We are looking forward to seeing all 100 elephants on display in the Term 3 holidays! !

Last week we were lucky enough to have Jungala and Colleen run two unique workshops about Indigenous Culture. Participants learned firsthand about the best way to help children engage in and appreciate Indigenous Culture as a gateway to exploring artworks. Jungala helped us form a better understanding of how to respectfully incorporate this essential part of Australian History in to the classroom. Thanks again for making the journey down from Alice Springs. Please check out our Facebook Galleries of Song Line Artworks created by participants. We encourage you to post descriptions about your work and your individual canvases on our wall!

Friday Workshop